PLEASE NOTE: No furniture or construction debris may be placed in our dumpsters or along side of them. Violators will be fined. Boxes must be crushed or cut down, Thank you.

Catamaran II, Inc. Policies, Rules and Regulations for All Tenants, Renters, Guests and Visitors:

Thank you for your help in keeping Cat II safe and beautiful.

• Use sidewalks – do not cut across lawns or through flowerbeds.

• Do not litter – cans, bottles, paper items and other trash should not be left in the hallways, on the grounds, driveway, sidewalks, parking areas, buildings or elevators. Use the dumpster. If you make a mess, clean it up.

• Please keep the sound level of stereos, radios and TV’s, etc. at reasonable levels so as not to disturb your neighbors.

• Clothes, curtains, rugs, mops, flowers and plants shall not be hung from windows, balconies, railings and exterior walls.

• DUMPSTER USE - Our dumpster is not for large household items. NOTHING is to be left outside the dumpster.

• Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.

• Tenants, guests, renters and visitors CANNOT have pets.

• Please conserve water in any way possible.

• No fire, open flame or barbecuing is allowed on the walkways and porches. Two barbecue grills have been installed in the open area for this purpose. No fire, open flame, etc. is allowed within 25 feet of any building. Propane tanks are not allowed in any building or on common property of CAT II. This is by order of the Fire Marshal.

• Walkways must be kept clear to comply with fire code by order of the Fire Marshal. All personal items such as furniture, bikes, chairs and plants must be removed from all walkways. We cannot block fire exits. Violators could incur a $50 fine from the Fire Department.

• Observe the 15 MPH speed limits throughout all of Ocean Village.

• The use of skateboards, roller blades, bikes, etc. is not permitted on the walkways and sidewalks.

• Hover Boards and other motorized recreational items are not permitted in Catamaran II.

• Each tenant is entitled to one covered parking space. If owner is already using the covered space, tenant may not park a vehicle in the covered parking space. Guests, visitors and tenants with more than one vehicle must park in the uncovered area. All vehicles must be parked front first.

• Boats, trailers, motorcycles, trucks of any type, or inhabitable vehicles must not be parked, kept or stored on any of the property. We will enforce towing.

• Renters, guests, tenants and/or visitors cannot park motorcycles, trucks of any type, trailers or RV’s on the property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, commercial vehicles & trucks may park temporarily on the property in areas designated by the Board of Directors when providing service. Such vehicles may not be parked overnight.

• Rental periods must be at least 30 days.

• All unit owners’ rental contracts must clearly assure you and the Catamaran II, Inc. Board of Directors that all renters have no pets and none of the above named vehicles.

• All renters must follow the Catamaran II Condominium Document rules including littering, e.g. trash left outside of units or cigarette butts on the balcony or thrown into the landscaping.

• The unit owner is responsible for all the actions of guests and tenants.

  The Catamaran, Inc. B.O.D. recommends performing the following duties when the rental period ends:

• Turn off All Water Valves. (The main water valve is located near hot water heater)

• Remove bicycle(s) from outside/ bike racks and store them in your unit along with any other exterior items.

• Set the temperature and humidity control (recommend 80 degree for temperature and 60% for humidity).

• All windows and Slider doors should be locked.

• Double-check that the porch doors and the front door are locked.

• Bring in cushions from porch furniture.

• Close all drapes and blinds.

• Bring in all outside mats.

• Empty Ice Maker and turn it off.

~This is a portion of the full document of Policies, Rules and Regulations~